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RI's Key Messages for Rotaract

The Rotary International Board of Directors in June 2010 adopted key messages for Rotaract to help guide and focus the efforts of Rotarians and Rotaractors. The RI Board encourages Districts to build stronger Rotaract programmes by sharing the messages with all concerned - District Governors, District Rotaract committee chairs (Rotarians) and representatives (Rotaractors) and presidents of Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

The key messages for Rotaract are:

  • Promote Rotaract to maintain the continuity and growth of the programme by using publications, video, the internet, club presentations, district meetings and other methods.
  • Establish strong relationships between Rotaract clubs and their sponsor Rotary clubs. Involve Rotaractors in the life of the district, including regular meetings with sponsor Rotary clubs, attendance at district events and working together on service projects. Welcome activities.
  • Create and help maintain strong, motivated Rotaract club membership with a diversity of ages between 18 and 30.
  • Increase the capacity of Rotaract clubs to promote service through co-operation with the family of Rotary. Work together with Rotary, Interact, other Rotaract clubs and groups such as RYLA participants and Rotary Foundation scholars on projects and activities.
  • Provide training opportunities to Rotaract club officers and District Rotaract Representatives (Rotaractors).
  • Develop future leaders through Rotaract. Mentor Rotaractors to increase their professional and leadership skills and encourage high ethical standards.
  • Recognise clubs and individuals at the district level that have made outstanding service contributions through Rotaract or have strengthened the Rotary-Rotaract relationship.
  • Welcome former Rotaractors into Rotary clubs. Create and maintain a district Rotaract alumni programme in support of this effort.


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