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The Rotary Foundation promotes world understanding and peace through a host of educational programmes aimed at younger people.

Through these programmes people are brought together from different countries and cultures to foster better understanding and good will.

Programmes and scholarships, such as Rotary Scholarships and World Peace Fellowships, have helped thousands of young people to gain an insight into different methods of communicating and comprehending the needs of others.

Rotary supports higher education through grants for university teachers to teach abroad.

The programme builds international understanding and fosters development whilst strengthening higher education in low-income countries. It also aims to establish ties between higher-education institutions, leading to the exchange of ideas and information worldwide.

Grant recipients must teach subjects relevant to the local population's needs and contribute to the area's socioeconomic development. About 20 grants are awarded each year.

Applications must be made through your local Rotary club.

Below is a list of programmes run by The Rotary Foundation. The aim is to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

The experiences encountered through these educational programmes and cultural exchanges provide participants with key skills, an appreciation of other countries and the ability to make a difference in communities all over the world. You do not necessarily have to be a Rotarian to embark on an educational programme.

Clubs and districts can find support for international projects and short-term humanitarian initiatives.

Please click on the links below for more information or contact The RIBI Rotary Foundation Committee for further information.

Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Centres

Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies

Rotary Scholarships  

To link to the Ambassadorial Scholarships section of the RI website please click here.

For guidance on Rotary Scholarships for study from September 2013 onwards please contact Mansel Thomas and please see the guidance notes in Related Downloads below.

Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships Download Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships
Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships funded from a Global Grant Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships funded from a Global Grant Download Guidelines for Rotary Scholarships funded from a Global Grant
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