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The Rotary Foundation is our charity and it is the only Rotary charity. Our aim is to do good in the world. Your charity can only fully function with the support of Rotarians, so we all have a duty to give support through fundraising and involvement in projects.

There comes a time when any organisation has been in being for a while it pays to review the position to ensure that its operations, and management, are current and appropriate to the circumstances of today. RFUK is no exception and over the past few months the structure and procedures of RFUK have been looked at in detail.

RFUK is a UK Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by its Articles of Association. During the year, the directors reviewed the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association to ensure that it is up-to-date and these two documents have been replaced by a revised Articles of Association, adopted on 14th April 2011.

Following the adoption of the new Articles of Association the company's management committee now consists of three directors, with at least two residing in the United Kingdom, which has full responsibility for the activities and operation of the company.

The appointment of the directors of RFUK is under the control of the members, who are trustees of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The current directors are Past RI President John Kenny, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator and Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Zone 18a, Ian Legge.

The day to day running of RFUK is supervised by an RFUK Manager.

The changes are purely administrative and will not affect the way Rotarians and friends contribute to our Foundation.

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