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Fundraising ideas

So, you want to fund raise but are stuck for ideas? Here are plenty of inspirational ideas from other clubs to get you started. Whether it's a large or small event involving your friends, family or just about anyone, you can find something to suit everybody. Just remember, the simple ideas are often the best and planning ahead is the key to success. This information has been compiled by PDG Chris Boyes D1050.

The fact sheet will also give you an indication of the potential funds that could be raised! Good luck!

4x4 Course 4x4 Course Download 4x4 Course
10K Run 10K Run Download 10K Run
Air Show Air Show Download Air Show
Art Exhibition Art Exhibition Download Art Exhibition
BBC Children in Need - Appeal Night Information BBC Children in Need - Appeal Night Information Download BBC Children in Need - Appeal Night Information
Beer Festival Beer Festival Download Beer Festival
Beer Walk Beer Walk Download Beer Walk
Biathlon Biathlon Download Biathlon
Bible Reading Bible Reading Download Bible Reading
Big Band Night Out Big Band Night Out Download Big Band Night Out
Boat Fair & Boat Jumble Boat Fair & Boat Jumble Download Boat Fair & Boat Jumble
Booklet of Club Activities Booklet of Club Activities Download Booklet of Club Activities
Boxing Dinner Boxing Dinner Download Boxing Dinner
Brass and Beatles Brass and Beatles Download Brass and Beatles
Car Boot Sale Car Boot Sale Download Car Boot Sale
Car Park Car Park Download Car Park
Cathedral Voices Cathedral Voices Download Cathedral Voices
Celebrity Dinner Celebrity Dinner Download Celebrity Dinner
Choral Concert Choral Concert Download Choral Concert
Christmas Events Christmas Events Download Christmas Events
Christmas Greetings Christmas Greetings Download Christmas Greetings
Coastal Walk Coastal Walk Download Coastal Walk
Concert Concert Download Concert
Concert In The Park Concert In The Park Download Concert In The Park
Country Walk Country Walk Download Country Walk
Cycle Ride Cycle Ride Download Cycle Ride
Darts Marathon Darts Marathon Download Darts Marathon
Dragon Boat Racing Dragon Boat Racing Download Dragon Boat Racing
Duck Race Duck Race Download Duck Race
Duck Race (B) Duck Race (B) Download Duck Race (B)
Fashion Show Fashion Show Download Fashion Show
Full or Half Marathon Full or Half Marathon Download Full or Half Marathon
Golf Am Am Golf Am Am Download Golf Am Am
Jog Jog Download Jog
Marafun Marafun Download Marafun
Mega Draw Mega Draw Download Mega Draw
Mile of Money Mile of Money Download Mile of Money
Motor Show Motor Show Download Motor Show
Pancake Festival Pancake Festival Download Pancake Festival
Run & Cycle Challenge Run & Cycle Challenge Download Run & Cycle Challenge
Sausage Festival Sausage Festival Download Sausage Festival
Sportsmans Dinner Sportsmans Dinner Download Sportsmans Dinner
Steel Band Concert Steel Band Concert Download Steel Band Concert
Swimathon Swimathon Download Swimathon
Tree of Light Tree of Light Download Tree of Light
Tree of Light (B) Tree of Light (B) Download Tree of Light (B)
Tree of Light (C) Tree of Light (C) Download Tree of Light (C)
Tribute Cabaret Dinner Tribute Cabaret Dinner Download Tribute Cabaret Dinner
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