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Youth exchange camps and tours

Many Rotary Clubs and Districts, mainly in Europe and Scandinavia, organise between 100 and 150 special interest camps and tours each year.

The object of these is varied and can be for sport, culture, music, art, learning a language or just making International friends. Some camps are based around the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (commonly known as RYLA) and some specifically for the disabled.

Normally there will only be one person from each country attending a Camp and, except where the object is to improve foreign language skills, the preferred language is nearly always English.

The age range is between 15 and 25 years but individual organisers usually specify a narrower age profile for each camp. The majority of Camps and tours take place in the summer months but a few are winter sports based. The cost of most Camps is that of getting there and back, pocket money, adequate insurance and occasionally, an additional cost for specialist equipment or services.

For some example of past Camps, as well as a list of the current offers that have been received so far this year, click here.
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